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From Visual to Reality

D-Mines was created to bring to life ideas you care about. A full interactive visual creation studio, we take you all the way from the initial vision to the breathtaking final result. Thanks to our experience in a wide range of events, exhibitions and digital arts productions, we can ensure the highest quality and take your audience on a spectacular journey. We’re our own worst critic, so we don’t stop until every detail is taken care of.

Living & Breathing AV

Our team is made up of AV industry experts, who also happen to be great people. Their skills include software development, projection design, R&D, production management, interior design, architectural design and more. Bringing them together to create mind-blowing results, we benefit from so much more than the sum of their individual skills.

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Experienced Producers

We’re serious when we talk about Full Production (just look at the capitalisation). With years of combined experience in immersive digital arts production, we know what it takes for a project or exhibition to come to life. We can handle the process from start to finish, from scouting the venue to thank you emails, from ticket sales to the closing party. It’s just what we do. Just come to us with your idea for a visual arts project and we’ll take it from there, producing the exhibition, pitching to festivals or setting up an expo, we’ll work towards the result you need.

From Dirty Monitor with Love / Vision

For years, Belgium based Dirty Monitor has been an enthusiastic creative studio, pioneer in the field of content conception and realisation for video mapping and other audiovisual productions. As projects and reputation began to grow, the team saw the need for a full-production offering for clients across the globe to complement the creative magic. With the conception of D-Mines, we now have the perfect answer. As a separate production entity, we work closely with Dirty Monitor, as well as taking on projects for other creative studios, so they can focus on what they do best while we take care of everything else. Our close proximity and continued collaboration with Dirty Monitor gives us the opportunity to take on external productions that benefit from an experienced team, while also having the opportunity to pull in their expertise when the project calls for it. It really is the best of both worlds.

Brand New Tech

These days, audiences aren’t blown away easily. Thanks to rising production values and new technologies being integrated into concerts, television shows and even theater, production companies have to keep thinking out of the box to come up with a unique solution. At D-Mines, we grab hold of emerging technologies as exciting opportunities to add depth and wonder to productions. We love to experiment and as early adopters, that makes all the difference to the end result.

Made to Measure

Above all else, we work to create exactly what you need. Starting from your vision, we deliver a full production that’s made to measure, exceeding the expectations of your audience. Immersive events are never cut and paste, so the solutions always have to be tailored to the event space, the technical restrictions and even cultural sensitivities. It’s our job to translate your goals no matter what the parametres are.

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